Sustainable Production through Ethical Practices ธรรมาภิบาลเพื่อการผลิตอย่างยั่งยืน

The textile and garment industry is one of Thailand's sectors that has been continuously growing, thanks to the quality of production and the exquisite craftsmanship of Thai labor

Sustainable Production through Ethical Practices

Apr 08, 2024

The textile and garment industry is one of Thailand's continuously thriving sectors, renowned globally for its quality production and skilled Thai workforce. One area that has grown alongside the industry's advancement is the utilization of energy within textile manufacturing plants. New Yonghua (Thailand) is well aware of global warming issues and energy usage concerns. Therefore, we place great emphasis on energy conservation within our factory and environmental stewardship.

New Yonghua (Thailand) is committed to delivering the highest quality products with the least environmental impact, at prices that are competitive. To achieve this, we have established environmental policies that ensure all employees adhere to the same standards. Our policies are practical and align with both production capacity and increasing customer demands.

Energy-saving policies at our factory include using solar panels to generate electricity for production processes, recycling wastewater from dyeing and finishing processes for reuse, opting for natural gas for cargo trucks, and maintaining environmental sustainability by constructing wastewater treatment plants within the factory premises. Treated water is used to irrigate trees within the factory, while treated wastewater from dyeing processes is further treated before being discharged into water sources. Additionally, labor standards are inspected annually by the Department of Labor to ensure compliance.

In addition to our energy-saving and environmental standards, 10% of New Yonghua's total revenue is donated annually to support environmental-related charities. We firmly believe that the sustainability of energy and the environment is the sustainability of us all.

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