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New Yonghua (Thailand) - A State-of-the-Art Textile Factory Specializing in Narrow Fabrics for Shoe Insoles and Bag Straps of World-Class Quality

New Yonghua (Thailand) Limited Partnership is a leading exporter of standard narrow fabric textiles, recognized by renowned global brand customers. With over 50 years of experience in weaving textiles and dyeing yarns, we offer customized weaving and dyeing services controlled by computer systems. Our extensive stock of over 1,000 colors of yarns and a wide range of fiber materials, including polyester, cotton, TK yarn, and special antibacterial fibers, ensures flexibility in meeting diverse customer demands. Our expert team excels in weaving and producing various textile products, such as shoe insoles, bag straps, webbings, tapes, elastic bands, underwear straps, mask straps, fan pull cords, and other narrow fabric textiles.

If you are seeking a globally standardized narrow fabric textile factory to enhance the quality of your products, New Yonghua (Thailand) is the answer you've been looking for. We are a leading large-scale narrow fabric textile manufacturer with extensive experience and constantly updated production technology. Convenient, comprehensive services are available from weaving, dyeing, printing, coating, to meeting all the needs of textile and garment works.

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About Us

The modern textile factory prioritizes service for sustainable relationships.

New Yonghua (Thailand) is a leading narrow fabric textile factory with over 50 years of experience in the Thai textile industry. We understand the needs of textile and garment manufacturers, or any other products that require high-quality narrow fabrics. We pay attention to every step of the production process to create standard-compliant, high-quality textiles that are suitable for use, produced on time, and at friendly prices. This has earned us recognition from both Thai brands and global brands over the years.

Our key goal at New Yonghua (Thailand) is to produce high-quality narrow fabrics that meet customer demands with environmentally friendly production processes and efficient production control. We are committed to innovation and constantly upgrading our production techniques and technologies to provide our customers with the most comprehensive solutions for their products. We aim to be the best supplier or partner for our customers, building sustainable business relationships beyond mere transactions.

For all your narrow fabric needs, let us take care of you. We are fully equipped to handle everything from weaving, dyeing, printing, and coating, and offer a wide range of specialty raw materials to choose from, such as bamboo fiber, anti-bacterial fibers, and recycled fibers. With over 1,000 colors in stock and rapid sample production within 3-5 days, our quality textile experts, with the most experience in Thailand, are ready to assist you.

Company Information:
• Over 300 employees
• 24/7 production support
• Over 50 years of experience

Our Product


Bamboo Yarn


Elastic tape


Webbing Tape


Hemp Yarn


New Trend Recycle


Shoelace Webbing Tape


Webbing Tape



Our Service

narrow Fabric textile manufacturing services

Produce comprehensive narrow-width textiles with world-class quality. Export-standard products recognized by various global brands, from the processes of knitting, dyeing, screen printing, to coating, using innovative and modern production technologies. Large machinery supports high production rates. The manufacturing facility is free from restricted substances (Restricted Substance List (RSL)), NON PFC, and phthalate-free.

Design and product development services

Ready to provide advice on design and product development to achieve pieces that meet the specific needs of each brand, suitable for their intended use with a distinctive and outstanding identity. Designs are created using CAD and CAM computer systems within the company, complemented by advanced color matching equipment controlled by an expert team.

Textile weaving services

We offer narrow fabrics weaving services with a variety of raw materials such as polyester fibers, cotton fibers, TK fibers, hemp fibers, antibacterial fibers, and recycled fibers. We provide advice on selecting the appropriate fibers for your application, and can customize the color, size, pattern, and design as desired. Orders are produced accurately to specification without wasting time.

Dyeing, screen printing, and coating services

Complete all-in-one service with dyeing, screen printing, and coating within the factory. Save time and costs are reasonable. A variety of colors are available to meet your needs, with new color shades updated every season. Accurate color matching with a computer system for color measurement, controlled by an expert team.

Manufacture products for the fashion and garment industry

New Yong Hua specializes in manufacturing shoe laces, bag straps, tapes, lace trims, elastic bands, edged cords, hat bands, pet leashes, face mask straps, and other products according to customer specifications.

Produce narrow-width textiles for other industries

Beyond the fashion, clothing, and garment industries, we also provide production services for narrow-width textiles to be used as components in other products that customers require, such as parts for electrical appliances, automotive interior components, or for other industries. If needed, we are ready to provide advice.

News & Activities

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Sustainable Production through Ethical Practices

The textile and garment industry is one of Thailand's sectors that has been continuously growing, thanks to the quality of production and the exquisite craftsmanship of Thai labor

New Yong Hua (Thailand) builds confidence. Vaccinated against COVID-19 100%.

New Yong Hua (Thailand) recognizes the importance of maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the factory and the hygiene of employees...

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